Mã lỗi máy in siêu tốc Riso MR (MR770, MR790)

Tổng hợp mã lỗi của dòng máy in siêu tốc Riso MR: Mr770 và Mr790

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Mã lỗi Mô tả lỗi
0XX System (hardware, software, communication), Operation panel
1XX Scanning section (scanner, AF), image processing
2XX Master making section
3XX Master-disposal section
4XX Paper-feed/ejection section
5XX Print-drum area
6XX Printing adjustment section (vertical, horizontal, density)
7XX Optional accessories
T (P) Serviceman-call error
T01 Main motor lock
T02 Elevator motor lock
T03 Clamp motor lock
T04 Overflow
T05 Print-positioning pulse-motor lock
T08 Communication error with CI
T09 Sorter error
T11 Print pressure pulse motor lock
T12 Master disposal area motor lock
T13 Cutter motor lock
T14 Flatbed error
T15 AF error
T17 Solenoid counter not connected
T18 Drum-lock solenoid lock
T19 Thermal-pressure motor lock
T20 Paper-ejection-section motor lock
T24 Inking motor lock
T25 No battery error
T27 Master-making unit motor lock
T28 Second paper feed motor lock
T29 Guide release motor lock
T31 Central flap motor lock
T41 Main motor lock
T43 Clamp motor lock
T44 Overflow
T45 Print-positioning pulse motor lock
T46 Horizontal pulse motor lock
T51 Print pressure control pulse motor lock
T52 Master disposal section motor lock
T58 Print drum lock solenoid lock
T64 Inking motor lock
T67 Master-making unit motor lock
T91 Panel EEPROM error
T92 Print drum EEPROM write error
T93 NET-D hardware error
T94 Call service error: TPH
T95 FRAM error
T96 Data not input
T97 PC card access error
T98 Hardware error
T99 Software error
A01 Master feed error
A02 Master loading error on first print drum side
A04 Master removal error on first print drum side
A05 Master present in master removal section on first print drum side
A06 Paper feed tray check
A07 Paper feed error
A08 Paper jam on first print drum
A09 Paper ejection error
A10 AF original feed error
A16 Awaiting removal of master from first print drum side
A17 A17 [Cutter error]
A25 Central transport error
A34 Awaiting master reset
A42 Master loading error on second print drum side
A44 Master removal error on second print drum side
A45 Master present in master removal section on second print drum side
A48 Paper jam on second print drum
A56 Awaiting removal of master from second print drum side
B01 Card counter: No card
B21 Storage memory: Read/write error
B22 Job separator: Power OFF
B23 Job separator: No-tape error
B24 Job separator: Jam error
B31 Network cable not connected
B32 NIC: External communication error
B33 ID address setup error
B34 RLP: No-toner error
B35 RLP: Service error
C01 First ink cartridge replacement
C02 Master roll replacement
C03 First master disposal box full
C04 No-paper error
C05 Both master disposal boxes full
C41 Second ink cartridge replacement
C43 Second master disposal box full
D01 First print drum not installed
D02 First print drum incompatibility
D03 First ink cartridge not installed
D04 First ink cartridge incompatibility
D05 Master not installed
D07 First master disposal box not installed
D08 Master-making unit not installed
D09 Master-making unit not set into position
D11 Front cover not set into position
D13 Main unit rear cover not set into position
D17 Master incompatibility
D18 First print drum pull-out possible
D19 Master-making unit pull-out possible
D20 Master-making unit drawer cover not in position
D21 Master-making unit drawer cover may now be opened
D22 First print drum pull-out command
D28 DtoP cancellation due to missing first print drum
D30 Front cover setting demand
D41 Second print drum not installed
D42 Second print drum incompatibility
D43 Second ink cartridge not installed
D44 Second ink cartridge incompatibility
D47 Second master disposal box not installed
D58 Second print drum pull-out possible
D62 Second print drum pull-out command
D68 DtoP cancellation due to missing second print drum
E01 Battery replacement
E02 Maintenance call
F01 No master on first print drum
F02 Paper/master-making size incompatibility 1
F03 Multi-up: Paper size error
F05 Minimum print quantity setting error
F10 Paper/master-making size incompatibility 2
F24 Auto size reproduction disabled (falls outside range of possible size reproduction)
F30 Multiple feed check
F32 Storage memory: No space available
F37 Combined use of book mode and AF not possible
F43 DtoP original/paper incompatibility
F44 Auto size reproduction disabled (exceeds original size detection range)
F45 Presence of original unknown/no original
F46 Inconsistency of first print drum color between DtoP job and specified color
F47 Combined use of AF and postcard size reproduction not possible
F48 Multi-up: Outside original size detection range
F49 Multi-up: No original when Start key pressed
F52 Use of RLP mode not possible (RLP information not acquired)
F58 Use of RLP mode not possible (NET-D initialization in process)
F60 RLP auto-link/master-making continuation confirmation (when printing quantity is 0)
F61 RLP paper/original size incompatibility
F62 RLP auto-link/RLP error
F63 RLP auto tray selection/nonstandard-size original
F64 Specified function disabled, at job reception
F65 Scan mode auto-saving size selection/nonstandard-size original
F66 RLP saddle stitching not possible
F67 RLP rotation sorting not possible
F68 Specified area/traced color separation: Excess number of specified areas
F69 Specified area/traced color separation: Distance of border for specified area longer than master-making size
F70 Specified area/traced color separation: Image processing time-out error
F71 No master on second print drum
F72 Hand-written/red-color separation: Image processing time-out error
F73 Auto tray selection not possible, RLP tray designation disabled
F74 Turbo not possible due to low temperature
F75 Combined use of specified area separation and AF not possible
F76 Second print drum color not matching with DtoP job color
F77 Print drum color not matching with DtoP job color
F78 Digitizer: Stage cover open
F79 Digitizer: No original during rescanning
F80 Paper not compatible with dual-color printing
F81 Dual-color printing: Ink-saving setting only for one print drum
F82 Paper not compatible with printing by second print drum
F83 Use of second print drum mode not possible
F85 Scanning not possible: External CI not connected
F90 Supply stock management (ink)
F91 Supply stock management (master)
H01 General supply parameter input (first print drum)
H04 General supply parameter input (master)
H07 General supply parameter input (second print drum)

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